Situated on the Mull of Kintyre, the beautiful Island of Davaar is situated to the south east of Campbeltown at the mouth of Campbeltown Loch.   Davaar Island forms part of Kildalloig Estate which is an organic working farm, providing acres of unspoilt and remote rugged countryside with stretches of secluded beaches and stunning sea views.  The island can only be reached on foot at low tide when the causeway, known locally as "the Dhorlin" is uncovered for 4-6 hours twice daily at low tide.

The main inhabitants on Davaar Island are wild goats and a rare breed of sheep.  The island's moorland, hills and rocky shore are home to a wealth of wildlife - peregrine falcons, porpoise, basking sharks, otters, seals and sea-birds are regular visitors, and even the occasional golden eagle may be seen.   At the south of the island is the famous cave painting of Jesus on the crucifix and the coves on the shoreline of Davaar Island make for ideal picnic spots.

On the Northerly tip of the island there is compound within which there is a fully functioning lighthouse which helps ships navigating their way into Campbeltown Loch and two holiday cottages – The Lighthouse Cottage & The Lookout    


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